Gas and Hydrogen

Buss is one of the initial shareholders of the planned LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) terminal in Stade near Hamburg. The Hanseatic Energy Hub is planned as a Zero-Emission Terminal that can supply the German market via pipeline and barges as well as on the road and rail.
We are committed to the future and want to play an active part in the necessary energy and mobility transition through supplying the German market with other energy carriers such as hydrogen and Bio-LNG.

The Concept of the Hanseatic Energy Hub

Port facility

To import LNG, plans envision the expansion of the existing seaport in Stade.

LNG Terminal

Thanks to synergies with the local chemical company Dow, a Zero-Emission Terminal is possible.

Industrial Park

Integrated into the Stade industrial park, the LNG terminal will become a building block for the energies of the future.