Buss Offshore Solutions reports smooth start to Arkona offshore wind farm project

Initial transition pieces for the Arkona offshore wind farm have been arriving at Mukran Port in Sassnitz since mid-July / Buss Offshore Solutions in charge of planning and project management for the storage of the transition pieces / Work proceeding according to schedule according to Buss Offshore Solutions

Hamburg, Sassnitz-Mukran. The first delivery of the transition pieces for the Arkona offshore wind farm, being built by energy suppliers E.ON and Statoil some 35 kilometres north of the island of Rügen, arrived in July 2017. Arkona will be made up of a total of 60 wind turbines and, once complete, will yield a capacity of 385 megawatts.

The base port for the storage and pre-assembly of the transition pieces is Mukran, on Rügen. Project planning is being taken care of by the Hamburg-based consultancy and logistics firm Buss Offshore Solutions. The Buss subsidiary specialising in project logistics in offshore, onshore and the oil / gas industry is also heavily involved with project management.

Martin Schulz, Managing Director of Buss Offshore Solutions: "This is now the twelfth major project we have been involved with. And yet every project is unique, with its own challenges and uncertainties. The detailed, advance planning of all tasks, responsibilities and timings is therefore crucial for the smooth running of the project."

The first transition pieces are already in storage at Mukran Port. Before the transition pieces, each weighing around 290 tonnes, are shipped to the wind farm and installed there, manufacturer Bladt Industries first transports them from its base in the Danish city of Aalborg to Mukran Port. This is where contract partner Mukran Port Terminals is based. At dock 10, which has a heavy load quay capable of supporting 20 tonnes per square metre, the transition pieces are unloaded from the ship by a caterpillar crane and moved to the storage area. Especially for this project, Mukran Port Terminals has built a crane track from the edge of the quay to the 40 or so storage areas. Here, Bladt Industries will prepare the components for the load-outs and will then transport them via an installation vessel to the construction site.

Mukran Port Terminals is a joint venture between the Hamburg-based Buss Group and Fährhafen Sassnitz GmbH. "We have been working here successfully together for a long time. Over recent years, we have focused increasingly in Sassnitz-Mukran on offshore logistics and we have already handled projects such as EnBW Baltic II, but also the Nord Stream Pipeline Project. With its direct position on the open sea, Mukran Port is the ideal base port for the wind farms that are already there and which are being built", says Schulz.

The Arkona wind farm is scheduled to be completed by 2019. It will then be able to supply electricity to around 400,000 households.

Interested visitors will have the opportunity on the 18th and 19th of August to see the terminal close-up as part of the travelling exhibition entitled "The wonders of offshore - wind from the sea bringing new energy to town and country".

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