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The employees at Buss Industrial Services have many years of experience in inspecting, maintaining and repairing rotor blades on offshore and onshore wind turbines. For this purpose there are conventional self-hoisting platforms available as well as innovative all-weather self-hoisting platforms.

The specialist for rotor blade services

With the expansion of wind turbines, the need for their maintenance has steadily increased and continues to grow the longer they are in use. Frequently exposed to extreme weather conditions, especially rotor blades have to be regularly inspected or repaired. Damage to rotor blades can lead to power losses or even downtimes of the wind turbines, which can result in considerable yield losses for the operators.

Established in February 2019, the Lübeck-based Buss Industrial Services GmbH complements the service portfolio of the Buss Offshore Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, which is specialized in the planning and management of offshore and onshore projects, by the inspection, maintenance and repair of rotor blades for onshore and offshore wind turbines.


Rotor blade full maintenance

  • Full maintenance concept for existing wind turbines

Rotor blade inspection

  • Inspection and evaluation of rotor blades outside and inside 3After commissioning, before expiry of the warranty, as a recurring or condition-oriented examination
  • Reporting including photo documentation

Rotor blade repair

  • Repair and maintenance of all rotor blade types
  • Checking and cleaning of tip mechanism
  • Attachment and repair of erosion control systems
  • Replacement and repair of flow elements

Lightning protection testing

  • Lightning protection measurement
  • Repair of lightning protection systems

Other work on rotor blades

  • Rotor blade cleaning on the outside and inside


Svenja Maasch


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